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Fine Microgreens


Fine microgreens consist of the young, first shoots of the plant. Often no more than 2" in height they have a smaller leaf and are excellent for an elegant garnish, add great flavor to salads, and are often used in sushi, soups, sandwiches and wraps. 

Fine microgreens come in two varieties; mild or spicy. 



One of our favorites, not only for it's wonderful crunch but it has an amazing nutty flavor reminiscent of the sunflower seed itself. 

Sugar Pea Shoots


Pea shoots, long been prominent in Asian cuisine are slowly gaining ground in other arenas and are amazing in a stir-fry. Soft leaves, curly tendrils and a crisp, crunchy stem that has a surprisingly fresh pea flavor.  

Popcorn Shoots


Popcorn shoots are the tender, young plant produced by sprouting popcorn with a process called blanching. This differs from cooking in that the shoots are raised in the dark giving them a bright yellow color. They have a super sweet flavor with a grassy finish.

Tendril Pea Shoots


Tendril peas offer soft  leaves, curly tendrils and a crisp, crunchy stem. Often used to garnish the most elegant dishes.



Delicious broccoli flavor with 110 times the nutritional value as the full grown plant.

Purple Kohlrabi


Purple Kohlrabi is one of the most beautiful microgreens we offer. Mild, sweet, flavor Purple Kohlrabi produces a lovely microgreen with stunning purple stems!

Daikon Radish


Daikon radish is most often associated with sushi and Asian cuisine. Daikon has a lovely, mild radish flavor and satisfying crunch!

Vates Collards


 Micro Collard Greens have the same flavor as adult collard greens, similar to kale but with more flavor intensity. 

Borage Flower


Borage, also known as a starflower, is an annual herb that has small blue edible flowers with a faint cucumber flavor. 

Red Veined Sorrel


Red Veined Sorrel is one of the most attractive herbs with its lime-green leaves with dark red veins. These versatile leaves are velvety and crisp, perfect for salads, soups and entrees.

Micro Barbarossa Mustard


Deep Red Leaves with a light green stem; mild mustard flavors.

Micro Wasabina Mustard

Light green serrated leaves with a delicious hot spicy Wasabi-like flavor.

Light green serrated leaves with a delicious hot spicy Wasabi-like flavor.



Part of the watercress family, nasturtium has a spicy, crisp textured leaves and edible flower. 

Chive Blossom


Chive blossoms are a flavorful, aromatic and colorful edible flower that have a delicate flavor of onions and garlic.

Mixed Borage and Nasturtium


Beautiful mixture of our Phoenix, Orchid Flame and Nasturtiums along with Blue Star Borage



Calendula is used to color and flavor butters and broths, and has a woody, earthy, bitter and slightly sweet taste. You can use its fresh flowers as a tea infusion.

Micro Red Garnet Mustard


Deep Purple and red colors on a pale green stem; a both beautiful and mild flavored mustard.

Appleblossom Snapdragon


Velvety-textured blooms in true apple-blossom pink, contrasting with pale gold; floral and slightly bitter flavor profile.



Yellow to orange colored, edible flowers. The flowers of signet marigolds have a spicy tarragon flavor.

Mojito Mint


Mild mint flavor reminiscent of both spearmint and peppermint

Pineapple Sage


When crushed, the leaves have a tangy fragrance and flavor of pineapple. The bright, red flowers are also edible and taste like sweet pineapple.

China Rose Radish


Beautiful Pink Stems and a sharp flavor profile